About Us

Registered and established in 2006, Taizhou Mountain and River Crafts Co., Ltd(台州山水工艺有限公司) is a storage trading company, also is the only one Sino-U.S. joint venture in Xianju County, which was jointly set up by the U.S.-based S&S Worldwide and Xianju Yikai Crafts Co., Ltd.

Our company is mainly in the business of storage, and imports & exports of goods. Our business mainly covers the arts and crafts, toys, furniture, products made from wood, bamboo, rattan, palm and straw, cultural, educational and sport products, etc. Covering an area of 20,000sqm, we own a large-size warehouse, with actual storage volume standing at approximately 3,600cbm. According to estimation, we export 15 containers of products each month, with annual output value exceeding RMB10 million.

We have set up the purchasing department, customer service department (including ordering), quality inspection department, warehouse department, testing, financial and office department, etc. With the reasonably set structure of departments and the systemized division of work, our company is regarded as a foreign trade-oriented enterprise with certain level of comprehensive ability.

Facing the new opportunities and challenges, our company will adhere to the thoughts of "being united, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" and the concept of "being people-oriented, highlight high quality and doing honest operation", lay a solid foundation, expand operation scale, reinforce the development of our pillar business, realize the great boom of company, gradually building the reasonable industrial structure and producing the high-quality products, so as to make us become a modernized company with advanced management.