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WD3213 Unfinished Transportation Kit, Unassembled (pack of 12)

Model NO.: WD3213
Age: 10 Years and up
Type: DIY Toys
Color: Nature
Origin: China


Product detail

(1)Fun for older children to adults, male and female
(2)Kits include precut pine and luan Wood Pieces
(3)Sandpaper, Wheels, Dowels & Instructions
(4)Contains 1 each of Covered Wagon, Tall Ship, Bank Truck, Tractor, Limo and Tank. Two each of Pickup Truck, Jet Liner and Jeep. 
(5)Comes unassembled and unfinished. 
(6)We also can do produce exact products as per your design or thoughts. Please contact us for more detailed product information.